Treningskurs: 3D-interiør

CG Cookie har annonsert deres siste treningskurs for interiørvisualisering. Vi har selv brukt disse treningsprogrammene, og vil anbefale de på det sterkeste!

In the duration of this course you will be taken through many aspects of the modeling process, including an introduction to BMesh, how to model things to real-world scale and how to make easy use of a model repository to populate your scene. You will learn how to quickly UV unwrap models for texturing, how to setup a material library of Cycles shaders and you will learn how to make complex shader node networks for realistic materials.

Beyond that, you will also learn how to create good environment lighting to achieve a realistic sense of interior light, how to optimize your scene for faster rendering, how to make use of multiple scenes and render layers and composite them together, and you you will be taught how to perform advanced color adjustments and other post processing techniques on your image to produce a stunning final render.